Thursday, June 26, 2014

Parrotheads and Margaritaville

I got to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert last weekend, with John Fogarty no less!, and we had a great time! Who wouldn't, with free tickets?!?!   Family and I were in TX for a family wedding and my brother finds out a friend has tickets, and the concert just happens to be the night we were in town. Love it!  John was awesome, Jimmy and band were too cool, the night was a little muggy but a light breeze took care of that, so overall...a GREAT time.  Too much fun walking thru the parking lots to get to the concert. That's where the party(ies) happens... some were tailgating for 2-3 days, just hanging with friends and enjoying the whole thing. That's what the Margaritaville part is all about.
Anyway, I'm glad I now know what it's all about. (I'd share a picture but that would require that I took one. I'll have a new phone some day... :) )

Can't say I've done much stitching. I'm working on a Little House model for the shop, but other than that haven't really done much. The last couple of years I've noticed May and June turn in to my book months. I grab a bunch of light reading and hang out on the porch (but in my mind I'm on the beach!) and enjoy the weather, neighbors and watching the grass grow.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and you're getting your fill of whatever delights you!