Sunday, January 21, 2018

Update time!

I found a beaded star pattern that looked like fun, and I had to try one.  It was fun! I want to make more now. Those will be going on the 2018 List O' Stitchy Fun!

I'm helping my LNS with a class using the With Thy Needle and Thread's O Tannenbaum pattern. We have painted the boxes, and talked about the pattern layout, and I think everyone is comfortable with their start now. It's been fun getting a group of stitching friends together! This week we are going to stretch one of the designs so everyone can see how this works.  We have had a few discussions about the number of finished items we each have that need to be finished. I hope this will give more people the courage to try their own finishing.  Or, they may decide to give them to me to finish!  Fingers crossed for their success.

On a sad note: Mom has been in the hospital since last Monday.  If all goes well she will be transferred to a rehab facility tomorrow morning. The medical team will powwow in the morning to decide. Her kidneys gave us a scare but everything looks better today.  Yea!

Happy week everyone!  Stay warm.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy New Year!

I'm looking forward to a fun year with needlework projects and reading challenges. I'm off to a good start!

I joined the NYE Mystery SAL with Gildra Stafir. She set up a 24 hour stitch-along, posting a pattern update every 3 hours. I got started, then stopped for a few winks 😁then stitched some more. And I  finished! Then actually stitched it together as a biscornu. First finish of 2018! Done Jan. 3rd, still smiling that it's DONE! Woo Hoo!

Today I did the finishing on 3 Mill Hill beaded ornaments. Backing and hangars added, ready for the tree. I love these kits and playing with beads.

I have a new needlepoint project to work on this year, a gorgeous Santa. I can't wait to get started on it, probably in Feb, after a shop project ends. (For Heart's Desire)

I found a couple bead patterns to make and I went overboard on buying beads .

And, I have a hundred and one cross-stitch projects are waiting to be worked on! I have some major goal-setting to do this month... we'll see how it goes!

This past week was a frozen wonderland here. The lows got to -5 F. It's been over 20 years since we had that kind of weather. And this doesn't begin to touch how bad the East Coast got hit this week. I hope they are getting thru it ok.

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2018!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ice storm a'comin'

We're all waiting for a major storm that will ice covering everything. Waiting to see if I get damage to trees ... boy I hope not. We went thru this in 2005 and that was enough! :)

I looked for the list of my March Madness projects. I thought I had saved the list, but if I did it's been tucked away somewhere. But... since I'm a "serial starter" (hey, plenty of stitchers get this!) I still have lots of projects waiting on me so I tried to recreate the list. After this challenge was over I did finish some projects on the original list , so at least all 31 aren't still laying around!

March Madness list. (How many can I finish this year?)
1. Country Poppies - Cedar Hill
2. Drac-In-A-Box - JCS 2013 Halloween magazine (explains why I couldn't find it. Thought I had at least finished the stitching...nope. Ha!)
3. Halloween Delivery - Plum Street Samplers
4. Rest Ye Pins - Blackberry Lane
5. As the Crow Flies - Stone and Thread
6. Santa's Village "Mrs. Claus's Cookie Shop. Country Cottage  (40 CT over 2)
7. By Her Hand - La-D-Da
8. Winter Holiday - By The Bay
9. Hare's Holiday - Plum Street Samplers
10. Cross Sunday her -  Nordic Needle
11. Harvest Blooms - Hands To Work. (40 CT linen over 2)
12. We Are Blessed -  Erica Michaels   (40 CT gauze)
13. Snow Angel - Lone Elm Lane
14. Halloween Game Board - The Primitive Needle
15. Ocean City Sampler - Chrissie & Me
16. Spring Fling - Blackbird Designs

OK...get with it sister!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome 2017!

I had planned to start posting Jan 1st but obviously I've already missed my first goal of the year 😊. Oops! C'mon self... let's get with it!

I do have a couple goals for this year.
1) A few years ago I took part in a challenge with Wypocolypse (I think) . She had a monthly challenge and the one I worked so hard on was March Madness... working on a different stitching project every day. The first year I got to about the 21st then had to stop to go to a niece's wedding.  the next year (2014?) I did the challenge again and this time I made it to the last day! I was so excited to complete that mission.😊. Fast forward and let's say many of those projects have yet to be revisited, let alone finished . 2017 goal is to write out the list of projects and start working on them (and finish a few?!?).  Another goal is to work on my personal health. Walking, eating better, basic stuff but I'm more interested in it than I ever have been. I did start on it in time, then it got too cold to walk outside so I'm slacking, but next week is looking better weather -wise. Next goal: start the 40 day challenge again. I had a good run last year so ready to tackle decluttering again!
All that sounds good but today wasn't so great. A friend was looking for some beads, which I should have, but couldn't think where they would be. I told her I was bored and going to a mall to walk\wander and would look later. It sounded so whiney (yes it did!) I thought I needed to look then go out. As I dug thru baskets and bags and closets I found myself sorting, tossing and setting some things aside to work on tomorrow. Yes! Whining stopped and progress made! I feel my mojo coming back. Certainly better than its been for a few days.

OK, I need  to pull my project list together to post for tracking. Back soon with that info !
Oh yeah...I have done 3 projects so far. They are all 3 Mill Hill bead kits. I started with these for some fast kick-off finishes. Woo Hoo!
Star Santa, Red Wagon, Wanda's Hat. (Post on 2017 Halloween challenge site. Are you signed up?)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 1st - Retirement! No Fooling!

I did it! I retired!
I'll miss some coworkers, and know that they will continue to work in a tough situation, but as a very wise friend said "you need to think of yourself this time and do what's right for you."  OK...done!

I'm excited about this tho'! Don't know what's next: another jo? maybe some part-time work? I'm still working pt at my LNS so that gets me out and about on occasion. Other than that we'll see what happens!

Woo Hoo!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Parrotheads and Margaritaville

I got to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert last weekend, with John Fogarty no less!, and we had a great time! Who wouldn't, with free tickets?!?!   Family and I were in TX for a family wedding and my brother finds out a friend has tickets, and the concert just happens to be the night we were in town. Love it!  John was awesome, Jimmy and band were too cool, the night was a little muggy but a light breeze took care of that, so overall...a GREAT time.  Too much fun walking thru the parking lots to get to the concert. That's where the party(ies) happens... some were tailgating for 2-3 days, just hanging with friends and enjoying the whole thing. That's what the Margaritaville part is all about.
Anyway, I'm glad I now know what it's all about. (I'd share a picture but that would require that I took one. I'll have a new phone some day... :) )

Can't say I've done much stitching. I'm working on a Little House model for the shop, but other than that haven't really done much. The last couple of years I've noticed May and June turn in to my book months. I grab a bunch of light reading and hang out on the porch (but in my mind I'm on the beach!) and enjoy the weather, neighbors and watching the grass grow.

Hope everyone is having a great summer and you're getting your fill of whatever delights you!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crossstitch Camp 2014

We had a great time this weekend at the Heart's Desire crosstitch camp. We were at Rock Springs  Ranch, close to Junction City, and were all comfy/cozy in the Leadership lodge stitching our little hearts out :)

The camp project was "Love My Stitching" by Hands On Designs.  We had mesh bags made so we could stitch the design and then attach to the bag.  We wouldn't have time to get the project done PLUS sew the bags so we took a different route and it turned out great! I love the bags.

We asked designer Cathy Haberman to create a "small" for us as a special extra project for everyone. We had a cube design and she used the theme of the pattern to make a pattern for us. We kitted them up in a drawstring bag of coordinating fabric (made by Yours Truly!) and they were a huge hit! (where are my project pictures???  Will keep looking for them.)

Here's the crew:

And this shows you what happens when you're busy yakking and laughing!
Look closely at the stitching...
Sorry Donna! Got a little ripping out to do there!

Can you tell we had a great time?!?!?