Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ice storm a'comin'

We're all waiting for a major storm that will ice covering everything. Waiting to see if I get damage to trees ... boy I hope not. We went thru this in 2005 and that was enough! :)

I looked for the list of my March Madness projects. I thought I had saved the list, but if I did it's been tucked away somewhere. But... since I'm a "serial starter" (hey, plenty of stitchers get this!) I still have lots of projects waiting on me so I tried to recreate the list. After this challenge was over I did finish some projects on the original list , so at least all 31 aren't still laying around!

March Madness list. (How many can I finish this year?)
1. Country Poppies - Cedar Hill
2. Drac-In-A-Box - JCS 2013 Halloween magazine (explains why I couldn't find it. Thought I had at least finished the stitching...nope. Ha!)
3. Halloween Delivery - Plum Street Samplers
4. Rest Ye Pins - Blackberry Lane
5. As the Crow Flies - Stone and Thread
6. Santa's Village "Mrs. Claus's Cookie Shop. Country Cottage  (40 CT over 2)
7. By Her Hand - La-D-Da
8. Winter Holiday - By The Bay
9. Hare's Holiday - Plum Street Samplers
10. Cross Sunday her -  Nordic Needle
11. Harvest Blooms - Hands To Work. (40 CT linen over 2)
12. We Are Blessed -  Erica Michaels   (40 CT gauze)
13. Snow Angel - Lone Elm Lane
14. Halloween Game Board - The Primitive Needle
15. Ocean City Sampler - Chrissie & Me
16. Spring Fling - Blackbird Designs

OK...get with it sister!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome 2017!

I had planned to start posting Jan 1st but obviously I've already missed my first goal of the year 😊. Oops! C'mon self... let's get with it!

I do have a couple goals for this year.
1) A few years ago I took part in a challenge with Wypocolypse (I think) . She had a monthly challenge and the one I worked so hard on was March Madness... working on a different stitching project every day. The first year I got to about the 21st then had to stop to go to a niece's wedding.  the next year (2014?) I did the challenge again and this time I made it to the last day! I was so excited to complete that mission.😊. Fast forward and let's say many of those projects have yet to be revisited, let alone finished . 2017 goal is to write out the list of projects and start working on them (and finish a few?!?).  Another goal is to work on my personal health. Walking, eating better, basic stuff but I'm more interested in it than I ever have been. I did start on it in time, then it got too cold to walk outside so I'm slacking, but next week is looking better weather -wise. Next goal: start the 40 day challenge again. I had a good run last year so ready to tackle decluttering again!
All that sounds good but today wasn't so great. A friend was looking for some beads, which I should have, but couldn't think where they would be. I told her I was bored and going to a mall to walk\wander and would look later. It sounded so whiney (yes it did!) I thought I needed to look then go out. As I dug thru baskets and bags and closets I found myself sorting, tossing and setting some things aside to work on tomorrow. Yes! Whining stopped and progress made! I feel my mojo coming back. Certainly better than its been for a few days.

OK, I need  to pull my project list together to post for tracking. Back soon with that info !
Oh yeah...I have done 3 projects so far. They are all 3 Mill Hill bead kits. I started with these for some fast kick-off finishes. Woo Hoo!
Star Santa, Red Wagon, Wanda's Hat. (Post on 2017 Halloween challenge site. Are you signed up?)