Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Challenges

Hello 2014!

I spent the holiday break reading blogs. Lots of blogs. Read about Stitching from your Stash, and TUSAL, and It's Geek To Me's Themealicious (love this one. have followed it for a couple years).

They got me excited to try to challenge myself.

I have a bad habit of "almost finishing" projects. Missing a thread? Put it aside and work on something else.  Miscounted and need to rip out some stitching? Blah...ignore...hide it.

Well...How about, instead of ignoring them, let's pull them out and see what I can finish in January?  As in, finish the stitching, or finish the stitched piece (pillow, ornament, etc.). 
OK...Challenge On!

The first part of the challenge was to finish some of those 90% done projects. I thought I could do one a day for 3 days. But...I finished a project each day for the FIRST 12 DAYS OF JANUARY!!!  I was having so much fun after the first few I just kept going. Some were new starts...small projects like JABC freebies and Mill Hill ornie kits. (I promise I didn't have that many things 90% done :) ).

WOO HOO!!! WHO KNEW I COULD DO THAT!  20 projects! Finished a stand-up, finished some punchneedle pieces, made a few stitched pieces into pincushions and ornaments. Stitched and finished a few smalls (the sleds were FUN!). I'm not sure why this was such fun, but I'm ready for the next challenge. I need to decide what February will be. Finish a large piece? Continue with my finishing? I have some sewing projects that really need to be on the challenge. We'll see!

Some of my Jan. finishes. Designs include Mosey n Me, JABC, La D Dah, Foxwood Crossings, With Thy Needle & Thread, Twisted Threads, The Primitive Hare, Mill Hill.

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  1. Wow, what a great January! One of those hearts would be great for my Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop. Today is the last day to sign up!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, you're a "no reply" person so I can't respond by email.
    Love your Monster too.