Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness with It's Geek to Me

March Madness in the stitching world!  Combine that with College Basketball and this month has been a blast!

WSU Shockers got to 35-0 before dropping their first game of this year. Too bad it was so early in the NCAA Tourney, but hey...they entertained a lot of people this year and we LOVE THEM!

I follow a blog called It's Geek to Me  and for the last two years I've tried to (sort of) follow her "Themealicious" monthly themes. I've really had fun with trying to keep up with the March theme of March Madness. She challenges us to "stitch something different every day". Well....drum roll please...
This year I Did It!   
I really did stitch on something different every day this month!

Now, you could say, "Linda, that's ridiculous! Why would you have that many projects at one time?"   And some who know me would say "Why do you have that many unfinished projects sitting around??? let alone all the others you probably have stashed about the house."  Yup...I'm a crazy stitcher. Give me fabric, needle and thread and I'm a happy girl! 

I am also a "Serial Starter". I love new projects and am verrrrry easily distracted from
all the ongoing projects laying about. 

 In my defense...
I work part-time at our local LNS, Hearts Desire, and think I need every cute pattern I see!  So, that leads to lots of starts, and lots of UFO's.  And a lot of fun patterns to browse thru on a lazy day when I don't know what I want to do...kinda like browsing thru a lovely magazine. Aaaahhh....relaxing.

I also like to sew, so I have a tiny little fabric addiction, too.  *Happy Sigh* 

I did spend most of my Spring Break sewing things for our camp coming up in April.  Heart's Desire hosts a weekend for a CrossStitch Camp where attendees can stitch and not worry about home, cooking, all that good stuff.  Some also sew, knit, quilt...just whatever floats their boat. We go to a beautiful camp where we have a lodge with bedrooms and a central gathering area all together. We eat at the dining hall and have yummy cinnamon rolls Saturday mornings. We have a project each year, sometimes with the designer, sometimes it's something we create. This year we based our project on a particular design and have all kinds of goodies to go with it. Can't say more...must wait until after camp for the "unveiling". But...gotta say I love it! A lot more of a modern twist than in years past, so I hope everyone loves it.

Well,, anyway, back to March Madness...

It's over, I reached my goal, so now it's on to the next one. April is "stitch something with water". I was worried but, sure enough, I have a pattern (literally only one!) with water in it. The good thing is I will get close to finishing this one since that's the goal of the month.

Plus, it will help me meet my annual goal of finishing some very old projects. So far I've gotten a lot done this year, so give me a WU HOO!!!

For now, I'm a happy girl. Guess I'll sign off and go tell Heather that I follow her, just not on the blog because I'm blog-challenged. And, since I'm spending my (late)evening hours stitching I don't take the time to learn more. Yet. But soon (big cheezy grin here!)

Happy April All!

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  1. So where are the photos of the Famous 31 projects then? LOL

    I managed 14 which was my target this year.

    Also, if you email me I can tell you how to add a Followers button to your blog so people can follow you all officially like.