Sunday, January 21, 2018

Update time!

I found a beaded star pattern that looked like fun, and I had to try one.  It was fun! I want to make more now. Those will be going on the 2018 List O' Stitchy Fun!

I'm helping my LNS with a class using the With Thy Needle and Thread's O Tannenbaum pattern. We have painted the boxes, and talked about the pattern layout, and I think everyone is comfortable with their start now. It's been fun getting a group of stitching friends together! This week we are going to stretch one of the designs so everyone can see how this works.  We have had a few discussions about the number of finished items we each have that need to be finished. I hope this will give more people the courage to try their own finishing.  Or, they may decide to give them to me to finish!  Fingers crossed for their success.

On a sad note: Mom has been in the hospital since last Monday.  If all goes well she will be transferred to a rehab facility tomorrow morning. The medical team will powwow in the morning to decide. Her kidneys gave us a scare but everything looks better today.  Yea!

Happy week everyone!  Stay warm.

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